The power of the Wave or How to transform negative energy into positive


So why I « yellow hater » have I been wearing this yellow tank top with this huge tsunami for weeks now – but why? I have been as shocked as everyone else by thetsunami which has devastated large parts of SE Asias coastal region at Christmas 2004.

Even worse – as I had left the Maldives’ island of Meerufenfushi only a few hours before the wave destroyed everything – I have been feeling guilty ever since given I made it again. Another close call. March 2011 : another painful déjà vu moment as I saw live (on my screens in the office) how Japan was first shattered by a massive earthquake and then ran over by a wave as high as hundred feet destroying literally everything it was running into for up to six miles inland. This destructive force generated by waves has been known for centuries and numerous are the images and reports witnessing the drama left behind  

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Taking a step back and allowing for a few intellectual short cuts in physics (I will spare you the E=mc2 thingy) we can agree that power is energy. And energy cannot be created nor destroyed only transformed or transferred. Transformed into the enormous effort of reconstruction the courageous Japanese population raising from the (wet) ashes within record time.

Never give up: such as the hundred of thousands of runners hit by the unbearable terrorist attack of the Boston marathon “counter attacked” by organising the One Run for Boston relay from coast to coast, similar relays followed across the five continents showing that whatever the situation the bad will not twin over the good. When put into a more mundane context this energy transformation can be used to burn the stress and adrenaline accumulated during everyday activities for a tough workout- how many tempo runs or sprint sessions have I been executing by using the negative energy accumulated during a long day in the office as fuel.

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That’s why I wear The Wave: when I need some energy for a difficult workout or a race, when I want to switch the negativity surrounding me to more positive vibes or just simply to create the perfect partner look with my loved ones – and suddenly the yellow seems like the colour of the first rays of the rising sun.


Currently I only own the tank top (might buy the t-shirt for the autumn season) – I have been wearing and washing my perfect size (I wear an M for lose fit) tank top for a few months now and it has neither lost its squeaky colours nor its great fit. But the tank is not only pretty and figure flattering – fast wicking/drying, resistant against kitteh’s scratches and does not smell like transpiration like some other technical t’s after a few washes – its technical excellence might be the consequence of on-shore production in the USA. I don’t know about you but I like the idea that manufacturing jobs have been created by a product I wear.

If you too want to experience how The Wave transforms negative vibes into positive energy have look at  I am authorised to share my code with you: your initial order is 15% off when using the code: ninatoldme at checkout! And signing up for an account will give you an additional $10 credit!

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